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Ikigai is the Japanese term for "sense of being." The word Ikigai is usually used to indicate what gives life value or makes life valuable.


We are not a sports club, reconstruction group or martial arts school.
We do not have a statute, regulations or even a board - we do not formally exist, and yet there are more of us every year.

It does not matter to us your age, your education, where you come from or how much you earn.
It does not matter what your rank, belt, dan, your medals or how many years you have been training.
When we face each other in sparing, we are all equal, and the only thing that matters is efficiency.

We don't want to prove anything to anyone. It is not about vanity, ego feeding or a discharge of aggression.
We fight because we like it. We fight for our-selves. We fight because it is in us.

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